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I have been practising yoga for over 12 years but began 'living it' only after a visit to India, where I return every year to seek inspiration. My teaching is inspired by yin and yang, the balancing of opposites - strength and flexibility, dynamic and stillness, shiva and shakti - and my personal practise of babaji's kriya yoga.

I trained in the Akhanda style, which means wholeness, of Yogrishi Vishvketu in Rishikesh, and place a strong emphasis on breath and inner enquiry. My work in holistic yoga therapy is based on an understanding of the koshas, which I studied in Kerala under the Vashista Yoga school of Saji PK. Yoga has led me to finally making friends with my body and it has become the blueprint for my life off the mat. I feel passionate about all that the ancient streams of yoga have to offer us in the modern day. 

My journey with sound began, reluctantly, through mantra and, feeling a call to go deeper, I was guided to the gong. I've studied with leading gong masters Don Conreaux, Tom Solton and Abby delSol (Tone of Life) and Sheila Whittaker and am now undertaking the College of Sound Healing voice training. My sound baths centre around the majestic vibrations of large scale gongs blended with singing bowls,elemental instruments and voice. I live on a house boat on the river Stort and facilitate workshops, sound baths and retreats in London, Hertfordshire and India. 

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  1. Hi Ali, hope your doing well, just sent you an email - hope we can get you involved with our Yoga community outreach in the near future. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or thoughts.