India retreats

An elemental immersion in yoga, sound & creativity – South Goa, India
From 26th February 2017 ~ Early bird prices from £675

Join me & The Well Garden to make a winter escape to magical mother India, the birthplace of yoga. We are retreating into the Goan jungle for 10 nights* and hope you'll join us for an elemental exploration of yoga, sound & creativity. Healthy food and treatments help us harness the healing power of nature.

Our home away from home is the Khaama Kethna eco-retreat, situated in a lush cashew plantation; a haven of sustainability and peace, within walking distance of Agonda beach. The adventure begins with February's new moon, setting intention for a transformational journey through the 5 great elements - earth, water, fire, air & ether – exploring their interplay within our bodies, minds and lives. 
*7 night option available

Daily programme:

Tea and fruit
Sunrise sadhana: meditation, chanting, pranayama & dynamic asana practise 10am Breakfast
Free time & workshops (some days)
Dusk practise: yin yoga, sound bath
7pm Dinner
Free time & evening programmes (some days)

Yoga & sound

Our yoga programme offers a balance of strength and flexibility, yang and yin, flow and stillness; brushing up on your technique and allowing inner enquiry. You will learn Ayurvedic principles and yoga philosophy, delivered with a sense of fun!

We invite you to dive deeply into your practise and your true nature, with the support and guidance of our teaching team. I will be sharing a gong bath with you each evening, joined by the song of tropical birds and leaves rustling in the gentle breeze. The pyramid and banyan tree yoga shalas invite us to remembrance of the body's one-ness with mother nature.

Workshops & therapies

Sound honours the sacred vibration of mother nature - and art its form. We invite you to nurture your creative side and learn the art of meditation in our 'Sacred Yantra Making' workshop with Kat. A Yantra (meaning tool, machine or instrument in Sanskrit) brings the divine into form, through the combination of various geometric shapes and patterns. Spend a peaceful afternoon drawing, painting and meditating with the yantra that most resonates with you.

The retreat includes a sweat lodge*, the powerful native american cleansing ritual. Evening gatherings will include mantra and fre ceremony and extended sound baths.

Khaama Kethna also offers naturopathy, massage, osteopathy, sound and shamanic healing. Specialities include mud, water and sun therapies inspired by Ayurvedic and Siddha medicine. 
*Optional, and for 10 night programme only


Not just a retreat centre, Khaama Kethna is an inspiring community based around sustainability, wellness and creativity. Long term residents also stay here to work on permaculture, healing and artistic projects.

Simple but comfortable eco accommodation weaves its way around the trees, constructed from low impact, local materials like bamboo, clay and mud. Open air showers and compost loos enjoy the privacy of surrounding plants and there's plenty of home comfort, with big beds and carved portuguese furniture decorating the rooms. We are invited to let down our walls and commune with mother nature. The breeze and the sounds of the jungle flow through the rooms into our hearts. You can choose the option to best suit your budget, sharing or going solo; staying earth bound in the cabanas or sleeping up in the air in a family tree house!

Jungle paths provide shady secluded spots to sit and contemplate. Springing from the earth are comfortably furnished communal areas for reading, eating and connecting. Without wifi, you can take a break from the outer world 'doing' and nourish the inner 'being'.

Food & nutrition

The philosophy of the Khana Kao garden restaurant is 'let food be thy medicine.' Produce is variously sourced from the owners own farm, ethically, locally and organically. The creative and wholesome daily menu combines Ayurvedic principles of digestion and medicinal foods with vegan, gluten free and raw options.

Energise with post yoga breakfast including fresh seasonal fruits, KK's amazing home made porridge and warming Indian dishes. Dinner includes seasonal vegetarian dishes, dahls, millet chapatis, red rice and salads. Fresh juices, teas and snacks are available throughout the tea.

Outings & local area

As a group we will spend one magical evening cooking and camping under the stars, on the owners nearby farm. We doubt you'll want to leave our jungle idyll for much longer, but there is plenty to see in South Goa! Agonda is a quiet expanse of golden beach just 2km away, which is lovely for swimming, and day trips can be arranged to the waterfalls, spice plantation and local markets.

  • Early birds save £75 on all prices by booking before 30th Sept.
  • Prices start from £675 for a shared (with one other) simple room, for 7 nights. £750 for a
    shared (with one other) simple room for 10 nights.
  • Options for single occupancy and shared deluxe, family and shared tree house
    accommodation – please ask us for full pricing and availability! 
What's included:
  • Accommodation for 7/10 nights
  • 2 meals daily – morning tea, breakfast buffet and dinner
  • All yoga classes and yoga/ sound/ creative workshops
  • Camping at the farm overnight trip
  • Sweat lodge (10 day option)
Additional costs:
  • Travel insurance
  • Indian Visa
  • Flights
  • Treatments
  • Lunch/ snacks/ juices
  • Transfers

7 nights beginning Sun 26th Feb til Sun 5th March 2017 10 nights beginning Sun 26th Feb til Weds 8th March 2017 

Contact me to book or enquire! 07855402837


  1. The program seems very productive for all yoga lovers and it seems like an enjoyable retreat and the plantation seems lush and green, perfect for yoga.