Resonant Retreats

Resonant Retreats @ The Well Garden 

Uplift the vibration of your thoughts, body and life through a half day of yin yoga, gong bath and raw nutrition. Our mini retreats are the perfect way to take a break and meet like minded health-conscious folk, without leaving the city. 

24th April 'Resonant Revive'
12th June 'Resonant (summer) Solstice'
9th Oct 'Resonant Harvest'- details below 
18th Dec 'Resonant (winter) Solstice' - details soon!
All events 9.30am - 2pm £45/ 40 early bird. Suitable all levels & equipment provided (booking -


Welcome to the Autumn mini retreat hosted by Resonant Retreats. A chance to take time out for yourself without leaving London. The day includes: chanting, intention, extended yin yoga flow, gong sound bath and raw-vegan afternoon tea. 

Autumn is time to harvest what we've manifested during the abundance of summer; preparing to turn inwards, as another year moves towards its conclusion.

The leaves do not cling on to their leaves but let the past return into the ever changing cycle of nature. This season we look at non-attachment, embracing the space created by letting go; honouring whatever is laid bare. 

The element is metal or air, so we work with the meridians of the lung and colon. Yin yoga is a beautiful practise which lends itself to introspection, alongside healing of the physical body. The body surrenders into 'shapes' held in stillness for extended periods of time, combined with consciousness raising pranayama. 

Ali leads an extended yin flow merging into the sound bath, centred around the precious metals of the Gongs. After gong we share a raw, vegan afternoon tea created by Fran. This season we're proving that raw cuisine can also be hearty and channeling Mexican warmth into our lunch bowl. Sprinkling super foods like chaga and cacao into deserts and warming tonics are perfect at this time of year to keep spirits uplifted. 

About us:

On a Resonant Retreat we hope you will love, laugh, share, learn and grow with us. Creating comscious connections through holsitic yoga, sacred sound & nature's nutrition. 

We are Fran and Ali, East London based friends who are passionate about wellbeing and community. Fran is a raw food chef, who's passion for juicing and nutrition was sparked while living in South America. Ali is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and gong practitioner who travels to India every year to teach, wander and be inspired. 

Photos by Maryanne Torok

Cost/ further info/ bookings:

£40 for the first 5 to book, £45 there after 

Please contact Ali

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